Different Styles of Teaching

There are different teaching styles available, and every teacher has the kind of techniques that they like to use. The teaching style you use will determine and even facilitate a better understanding of the students, and therefore, it is crucial that you choose a method that you fully understand and also know how to use it.


Different teaching styles.


  • The lecture style.

This is the typical teaching style used in many colleges and high schools. This kind of teaching is ideal for higher learning since it involves the lecturer dictating notes while the students write down some points from the lesson. The reason that this method of teaching is recommended for higher learning is that it requires someone who has high memory and speed in writing because one will have to be a fast writer to be able to move together with the teacher. One of the significant drawbacks of using this method of teaching is the fact that it does not allow for close interaction between the teacher and the students. The only communication that occurs is in the case where the teacher asks a question or vice versa.


  • The coaching style.


This is the style where the teacher involves some demonstrations in the middle of the teachings. For example, a cook class teacher demonstrates cleaning oven with baking soda. In most cases, this method of teaching is utilized in teaching maths and the sciences that involve practical instructions. This style gives the teacher a platform for introducing different ways of demonstrations in the lesson to ensure a better understanding of the students. This includes the use of charts, drawing and other presentations. Research shows that students understand better when they are taught through demonstration and coach style is one of the best teaching methods for this purpose.


The disadvantage of this method of teaching is that it does not accommodate all the students’ needs especially if the teacher is teaching a large class. Meaning, some students may be left out if the teacher’s demos are not clear or are not well visible. Besides each student has their level of understanding where some may have low level while others are capable of grasping what is being taught pretty easy.


  • The facilitator or activity style.


To enable the students to have a better understanding of what they are being taught, or love the subject you are teaching them, and you ought to allow them to be their teachers. This is where the activity teaching style comes in. This style enables the students to challenge themselves and also learn how to ask questions if they are unable to tackle the matter. Some of the best subjects to teach in this style are sciences maths and any other issue that will require practical learning.


  • The delegator style.


This kind of style is ideal for labor group lessons. It involves the teacher setting up questions and giving them to the students to work in groups and come up with answers. This method of teaching is ideal for bringing the students together since it inspires them to work together and achieve the goal ahead.